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1Evaluation of the morphofunctional state of the cardiovascular system of 14-17 year old girls10.32523/2616-7034-2018-122-1-8-14
  • Bayguzhina Z. S.
  • Dinmukhamedova A. S.
  • Taldykbayev Z. S.
  • Toktarbayeva A. S.
  • Gabdulkhaeva B. B.
  • Omarov R. T.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
2Fitoindication of contamination of roadside territories of Republic avenue on the state coniferous arboreal breeds10.32523/2616-7034-2018-122-1-15-21
  • Perzadayeva A. A.
  • Auyezova N. S.
  • Abilbekov G. K.
  • Akshabakova Z. E.
  • Turgali A. T.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
3Post-fire recovery of vegetation in a Pine Forests10.32523/2616-7034-2018-122-1-22-32
  • Sultangazina G. Z.
  • Nurbekova B. Z.
  • Amantaykyzy B. A.
  • Iliasova G. B.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
4Mathematical modeling of the growth processes dynamics of potato plants Kazakhstani selection varieties "Alyans", "Babaev" and "Narli" in in vitro conditions on the basis of dynamic models of processing the series10.32523/2616-7034-2018-122-1-33-40
  • Gajimuradova A. M.
  • Kirgizova I. V.
  • Kaliev N. B.
  • Turpanova R. M.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
5Study of the polysaccharides obtaining process from wheat processing waste10.32523/2616-7034-2018-122-1-41-47
  • Kedelbayev B. S.
  • Lakhanova K. M.
  • Makhatov Z. B.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
6Oxidative stress response in plants to combined abiotic and biotic stress factors10.32523/2616-7034-2018-122-1-48-53
  • Yermukhambetova R. Z.
  • Dogabayev A. Z.
  • Bari A. A.
  • Masalimov Z. K.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1
7The rictor phosohorylation is growth factor dependent in the breast cancer cells10.32523/2616-7034-2018-122-1-54-64
  • Chien-Hung C.
  • Sarbassov D. D.

VOLUME 122, 2018 NUMBER 1