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1Changes in the antioxidant system under the action of radiation in the long term period10.32523/2616-7034-2019-127-2-8-16
  • Alenova A. A.
  • Ilderbayev O. Z.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
2The influence of the group of maturity of potato varieties in the process of replication of plants in vitro10.32523/2616-7034-2019-127-2-17-21
  • Oves E. V.
  • Anikina I. N.
  • Gaitova N. A.
  • Kainidenov N. N.
  • Seitzhanova D. D.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
3Study of quality and quantitative composition of Berberis iliensis and Berberis integerrima fruits extracts, preservation of the genetic material in cryobank10.32523/2616-7034-2019-127-2-22-36
  • .Romadanova N. V.
  • Eshbakova K. A.
  • Karasholakova L. N.
  • Machmutova I. A.
  • Abidkulova K. T.
  • Kushnarenko S. V.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
4On morphology of the Eurasian minnow Phoxinus phoxinus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the Irtysh River in East Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-7034-2019-127-2-37-42
  • Tagayev D. A.
  • Shakhina B. A.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
5The role of copper compounds in neurological disorders due to their excessive or insufficient supply to the brain tissue10.32523/2616-7034-2019-127-2-43-52
  • Konkabaeva A. E.
  • Mukhanova S. A.
  • Tykezhanova G. M.
  • Nugumanova S. M.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
6Correlation between pollen fertility of woody plants10.32523/2616-7034-2019-127-2-53-57
  • Utarbayeva N. A.
  • Amanova R. P.
  • Kaliyeva A. K.
  • Bisalyeva R. N.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
7Morphofunctional and psycho-physiological indicators of teachers10.32523/2616-7034-2019-127-2-58-65
  • Dinmukhamedova A. S.
  • Ulekeshova G.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2