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1Ergasilus siboldi of Balkhash lake10.32523/2616-7034-2019-129-4-8-14
  • Barbol B. ..
  • Abdybekova A. M.
  • Zhaksylykovа A. A.
  • Mamilov N. S.

VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
2Ultrastructural features of protein-synthetic and energy compartments of hepatocytes in the dynamics of distant tumor growth10.32523/2616-7034-2019-129-4-15-21
  • Zhumadina S. M.
  • Bakhbayeva S. A.
  • Bgatova N. P.

VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
3Aspects of abiotic stress effects and their combinations on plants10.32523/2616-7034-2019-129-4-22-34
  • Bekturova A. Z.
  • Kurmanbayeva A. B.
  • Yermukhambetova R. Z.
  • Gadilgereyeva B. Z.
  • Amanbayeva U. I.
  • Zhanassova K. Y.
  • Masalimov Z. K.

VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
4Influence of the optimal method of pre-seed priming of seeds in the presence of diatomite on the growth and development of barley seedlings (Hordeum vulgare L.) and their proline content in salinization conditions10.32523/2616-7034-2019-129-4-35-41
  • Nayekova S. K.
  • Aubakirova K. K.
  • Аlikulov Z.

VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
5Genome structural organization of thebarley stripe mosaic virus(BSMV) and its identification10.32523/2616-7034-2019-129-4-42-49
  • Akbassova A. Z.
  • Omarov R. T.
  • Tasbolat A.
  • Kurmanbayeva A. B.
  • Zhangazin S. B.

VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
6General review of questions on the harmful effects of heavy metals on a living organism10.32523/2616-7034-2019-129-4-50-57
  • Tatenova G. A.
  • Ilderbayev O. ..
  • Nursafina A. Z.

VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
7The effect of drought on the functioning of the flag leaf photosynthetic apparatus in alloplasmic lines which obtained as a result of wheat interspecific crosses10.32523/2616-7034-2019-129-4-58-68
  • Terletskaya N. V.
  • Altayeva N. A.
  • Erezhetova U.

VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
8Ecotoxicological evaluation of the preparation "Agrobionov" on the content of heavy metals and radionuclides in black earth of common and oil flax plants-10.32523/2616-7034-2019-129-4-69-74
  • Khusainov A. T.
  • Kyzdarbekova G. T.

VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
9Мутации в гене ТР53 как перспективный маркер радон-индуцированного рака легкого10.32523/2616-7034-2019-129-4-75-80
  • Bersimbaev R. I.
  • Bulgakova O. V.
  • Kussainova A. A.

VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4
10Floristic diversity of floodplain oaks of the Yanuartsev forestry Department of the West Kazakhstan region10.32523/2616-7034-2019-129-4-81-88
  • Darbaeva T. E.
  • Berkalieva A. A.

VOLUME 129, 2019 NUMBER 4